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Whiskers of a Chance (Chain of Fate #1) Chain Of Fate Book One Jason Grant Runs His Own IT Business From Home, Owns His Own Home, And Has The Best Friend He Could Imagine What He Doesn T Have, Or Believe He Will Ever Have, Is Love When Jason Catches A Glimpse Of His New Neighbor On Moving Day, His Libido Ignites And His Fascination In Piqued He Even Manages To Concoct An Excuse To Go Over And Meet The Man Who Makes Him Hope And Want For Than He Has In Years Keith Skyler Is A Shifter In A World Where His Kind Is Known Only To A Few, But They Don T Often Mix And They Never Mate Keith Has Been Hoping For A Mate Since Before He Can Remember, But Gay Lynx Don T Have True Mates As Far As He Knows, They Don T Have Mates At All However, While Moving His Little Family Across Seattle And Away From Their Tribe His Reality Tips And Spins Than He Thought Possible When These Two Men Meet Over A Dish Of Five Cheese Broccoli Noodle Casserole, Sparks Fly Who Knew A Welcome To The Neighborhood Gift Could Give Both Of Them Their Chance At Love

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    DNF at 40%So Incredibly Bored.

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    When Keith Skyler, heir to the Lynx alpha, moves with his sister and her son across town to get away from their domineering and bigoted father he never expects that he ll meet his mate Keith has been fed a lot of misinformation from his father and tribe which has him believing a mate is an unattainable dream Until he meets shy, stuttering, Jason and he knows at first scent he s finally met the one who will complete his soul.O Riley creates a very interesting take on the whole paranormal shifters vampires humans universe which, for the most part, I enjoyed and, in places, she builds it wonderfully What I didn t enjoy was about 30% of the story could have been easily cut and would have streamlined the whole flow I really didn t like that the story is weighed down with the unnecessary duplication of scenes told from a slightly different perspective while there were at least three occasions when there were scenes only mentioned in passing I would have far preferred to read view spoiler When Jason meets Keith s sister, Ta...

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    Keith is a lynx shifter who suffers under the thumb of his autocratic father, who is also his alpha In 3 years he will have a chance to stand on his own and challenge him, but for now he must either follow his rules or work around him.Keith is positive he has no mate, as far as he knows there are no gay shifters, so he s almost worried when he scents something mate like on the air as he s moving into his new house He s ecstatic to find that it is his mate and his mate is a man Jared is a little bit gun shy in the love department He s been burned in the past and has a low self esteem as a result When he spies his new neighbor moving in next door, he wants to be friendly and introduce himself He is overwhelmed when he realizes that not only is this hot guy gay, but he s totally into him There are quite a few things these guys have to work through to make it to their HEA First there s Keith s very conservative and controlling, evil, manipulative father There s the whole Introducing a human into the world of paranormals and there is Jared s resistance to a relationship based on the mate bond and his own low self esteem.But love does conquer all and after some fierce fights, some fantastic alliances and some really hot sex they do get their HEA I love shifter romances The mine , that dramatic pull of attraction, the animal like qualities that get explored, the magic so much fun and creativity This fo...

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    I was not overly impressed.The dialogue was a little fake and some of the transitions were awkward I did, however, like Keith the lynx shifter Jason was a little too insecure at firstit took him forever to even believe that Keith liked him.

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    Okay I don t know how many times I say it but I absolutely love it when one of the shifters knows from the start and gets all mine with his new mate This book you get that and so much I have honestly never read a book with a Lynx shifter and this book was so good You get Keith who is a Lynx shifter plus a veterinarian He is also in line to be the next Alpha of his fathers tribe Then you get Jason who owns his own IT business who works from home When he spots Keith through the window while he is moving in let me say from that point on it was on This book had me on the edge of my seat with all the bad people who were determined to break them up There were also the very sweet moments. You could definitely feel how much Keith loves Jason and vice versa Then you find out something about Keith and you are just stunned because I did ...

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    I like it don t get me wrong, but this writer s style is a little bit different for me and it took me a while to get used to There is a lot of information missing, and jumped from one scenes to another at the speed of a bullet, the story doesn t flow and sometimes the scenes didn t matched For...

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    This book totally took me by surprise what an amazing bookI thorougly enjoyed this so much and would practically beg miss O Riley for the next one a must read

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    Keith decided to take his sister and nephew out of his father alpha s clutches, his only thought was to give his nephew an opportunity to grow up far from the bigotry preached by the alpha of their tribe.What he couldn t predict, was the gorgeous neighbor he could see spying on them during their moving Keith is a very mature and responsible shifter He had to be, because he had obligations to fulfill into the tribe But as soon as he met sweet and shy Jason, all bets are off Jason is an IT nerd he s cute, shy, and has the record of having a bad taste in boyfriends Well, maybe he s lucky this time That s what ma...

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    This one was a little bit different There were points in the story that just didn t flow real good for reading, and things jumped a little bit here and there, but overall not a bad read This story is also set up so that there could be another book as there others that the story could focus ar...

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    This book is a big NO for me The synopsis seems decent, but the writing style just does not mesh with me at all And the characters are so bland and BORING Basically, I read the first few chapters, where there was complete instalove along with the t...

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