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Masters of Disguise In The Animal Kingdom, Survival Is The Name Of The Game And Not Everything Is As It Seems A Number Of Animals Rely On Particularly Clever Tricks To Fool Predators Or Prey A Baby Bird Mimics A Poisonous Caterpillar A Moth Escapes Bats By Making Sounds That Interfere With The Bats Echolocation A Tiny Rain Forest Spider Builds A Big Spider Puppet Out Of Bits Of Dead Leaves, Insect Parts, And Other Items Find Out About Some Of Nature S Most Bizarre And Bloodthirsty Con Artists And Meet The Scientists Who Are Working To Figure Out Just How They Pull Off Their Amazing Tricks.

[Ebook] ↠ Masters of Disguise  Author Rebecca L. Johnson – Pccare247.us
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Masters of Disguise
  • Rebecca L. Johnson
  • 04 April 2018
  • 9781512400878

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    Children s nonfiction book about camouflage and mimicry Nine different animals 2 birds, 1 fish, 1 lizard, and the rest are insects are examined as examples, each in their own chapter Each chapter also includes a Science Behind the Story section which explains the research performed to uncover these natural marvels of survival Writing is clear and appropri...

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    One of my favorite STEM books of the year The alternative narrative scenes and expository background information means this book will appeal to a broad audience of upper elementary readers.

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    Beehive Nominee 2018

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    It is amazing the things that happen in nature So many cool animals that have adapted to fool prey and predators alike.

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    Bright colors and a good balance between descriptive sections and background science Good elementary school science book.

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    This narrative nonfiction title presents nine members of the animal world, including birds, insects, reptiles, and fish, that have perfected the art of camouflage to ensure their continued existence in hostile environments From caterpillars that disguise themselves as ant larvae to be tended by the ant colony to baby birds that disguise themselves as venomous caterpillars, their many modes of deceptive behavior and disguise are presented in matter of fact language with accompanying facts and captivating photographs Each creature gets two spreads The first spread describes its unique physical traits or behaviors, while the second spread explains the scientific work done to unravel the secrets behind the creature s survival devices that include sight, hearing and smell This is not the usual tiger and zebra stripes camouflage book in that many of the creatures described are fairly new to scientists and...

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    Terrific treatment of a fascinating subject that should be a real winner with young science lovers Johnson takes a look at 8 unusual creatures who use disguise in remarkable ways She divides each chapter into two sections the first is how the animals use their adaptive disguise and the second part called the Science Behind the Story in wh...

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    Holy awesomesauce Bugs that build a corpse pyramid of ants on their backs so other ants can t smell it A spider that builds a giant puppet spider in its web to fool predators A chick that wriggles like a poisonous caterpillar until it gets the all clear from mom The natural world is hella cool...

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    Oh my gosh, not since Zombie Makers have I been so blown away Spiders that create larger than life animated puppet spiders to scare predators away, baby birds that mimic the appearance and movements of massively poisonous caterpillars, moth larv...

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    591.47 JOHGR YLexile 1010This book is filled with 10 fascinating animals that use some interesting tricks and disguises to help them survive in the wild Many interesting facts and the story of how scientists have come to the conclusions of how these animals do what they do and why.Junio...

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