Free ↠ Culture Shock: India (Culture Shock! Guides) By Gitanjali Kolanad –

Culture Shock: India (Culture Shock! Guides)With Over Three Million Copies In Print, CultureShock Is A Bestselling Series Of Culture And Etiquette Guides Covering Countless Destinations Around The World For Anyone At Risk Of Culture Shock, Whether A Tourist Or A Longterm Resident, CultureShock Provides A Sympathetic And Fun Filled Crash Course On The Dos And Donts In Foreign Cultures Fully Updated And Sporting A Fresh New Look, The Revised Editions Of These Books Enlighten And Inform Through Such Topics As Language, Food And Entertaining, Social Customs, Festivals, Relationships, And Business Tips CultureShock Books Are Packed With Useful Details On Transportation, Taxes, Finances, Accommodation, Health, Food And Drink, Clothes, Shopping, Festivals, And Much, Much.

Free ↠ Culture Shock: India (Culture Shock! Guides) By Gitanjali Kolanad –
  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Culture Shock: India (Culture Shock! Guides)
  • Gitanjali Kolanad
  • English
  • 10 May 2017
  • 9780761454847

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    Now, not having been to India, it s difficult to really review a travel guideespecially with recent stories about travel guide writers inventing facts about their destinations, getting details from questionable sources, etc If I ever go, I ll come back and give a informed review First thing Honest.

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    read it first, then fly to india soon..

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    Summer Reading Challenge 2018IndiaI love this Culture Shock series I love books about social customs and etiquette How cool to explore another culture from this angle What would it really be like to live there Having said that, these books contain a LOT of detail Sections that you enjoy turn the pages themselves, but sections on customs that you find distasteful feel like a root canal with their agonizing detail The first 55 pages of this book passed SO SLOWLY for me They contained forced fed theology lessons on Hinduism as well as India s history from an anti British colonial stance These pages created a painfully rough start for me I wish I had known to just skip them Fortunately, once the book left the realm of Hindu theology, it got a lot interesting and enjoyable to read Here were some notable sections for me Parenting Family StructuresCaste SystemWomen in India, bride burnings and the treatment of women within families What As a woman, some information in this book caused me considerable alarm Not okay.Superstitions Some of these made me laugh out loud I started reading things to my husband at this point.The Master Servant Relationship This section really wierded me out To think seriously about having servants in this modern age was unsettling I kept talking to my husband about it and staying staff because I couldn t face the reality of actually being another human beings master As much as I might fantasize about having servants to do m...

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    Before I came to live and work in Bangalore, I thought that this book would be a great primer to read before coming One thing to keep in mind is this that India has greatly changed in the approx 10 years that the book was published until now Also, India is an extremely large place with over 1 billion people To categorize all that diversity is a near impossible task Of course there will be a lot of diversity in what you can find inside The book goes into great detail about all the things you can find inside Yet, the India I experienced was much different than the one this book portrays India, even though it still hasn t caught up yet, is learning to quickly modernize.One thing that I thought the book got right was the great details about the different foods one could find here I have yet to be disappointed with the book s list.As a fun exercise, I showed this book to a few of my coworkers who all come from all over India so we could compare what the book got right and wrong Unsurprisin...

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    This particular travelog is full of details and information but the introduction truly sums up a lot about India that had been simmering in my brain.

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    Obviously, I am interested in Indian culture, and this book offers a great view of what life is really like in Mother India I don t read a lot of travel books, but I borrowed this one from a friend, who got it from a fellow yoga teacher Since I ll eventually have to study there for a month or , I thought it would be good to go ahead and get acquainted Kolanad is a witty writer, and she makes descriptions of mundane activities going to the bathroom there, for example funny and interesting She also sheds light on some of the social situations that might be challenging to a foreigner, and she offers great advice for how to handle them with grace She also does a lovely job of explaining how to navigate the cities and markets with or without children in tow I laughed out loud numerous times while reading, and I gained a much greater understanding of why I feel such a communication gap sometimes at the Hindu Temple here I ve learned some of th...

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    Very informative I can t say it was the most entertaining read It felt like reading a textbook, but it served its purpose The reading was light and I go what I needed out of it Granted, some chapters were not applicable to my case...

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    This book was written for people who are planning on living in India for an extended period of time It covers everything from history and religion, to what to expect from Indian Bollywood cinema and the local cuisine Did you know that curry is unheard of in India...

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    I bought this to help me with the book I m writing which has characters of Indian origin , but it has proven fairly inadequate I d hate to have to visit India in order to write about it, but that is looking increasingly likely Maybe I ...

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    Very useful introduction to Indian culture and society It s geared toward those who plan to live in the country, but was also helpful to someone who just engages with those of Indian culture and heritage for work or socially.

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