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The Best Way Since The Times Of Thomas Jefferson And Benjamin Franklin, Americans Have Headed Off To Europe On Odysseys Of Self Improvement But Until Recently, Americans Have Not Chosen The Best Way El Camino De Santiago Bill Walker Skywalker Decided To Undertake This 500 Mile Trek, That Stretches From The Pyrenees In Southern France To Santiago In Northwest Spain Better Yet, He Did It In The Holy Year Of 2010 Fully 200,000 Pilgrims Were Struggling On Foot To Make It To The Great Gothic Cathedral In Santiago De Compostela.The Camino Is Supposed To Be A Religious Spiritual Pilgrimage But Walker Had Also Been Told That It Was The European Divorcee Trail At Walker S Side Was His 18 Year Old Nephew, Gavin, Who Thrives With His Special Brand Of Fonzie Like Charm The Towel Snapping Banter Between The Two Of Them Is Reminiscent Of The Frat Boy Dialogue Between Bill Bryson And Katz Better Yet, The Two Of Them Learn Just How Delightful The French Really Can Be Except, Of Course, When They Re Being Impossible , Why The Germans Are Almost All Model Pilgrims, And The Tragi Glorious Roots Of The Spanish National Character.

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    The Best Way El Camino de Santiago is very different from other books I have read about the Camino While I was reading the book, I felt as if I were chatting with the writer Bill Walker s style is affable, at times opinionated, sarcastic, funny, and brutally honest He tells it as it is, from his point of view, describing his adventures on the Camino Frances, the most popular pilgrimage across northern Spain It is not a travelogue there are only few descriptions of churches and towns It is about the impressions that towns, fellow hikers pilgrims and the Camino itself made on the author I particularly liked the historical anecdotes that Mr Walker includes in the narrative many of these stories are obscure, making the book engrossing and his juxtaposition of the past with the new makes for interesting commentary on everything, not just the Camino It is these observations and remarks that d...

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    This is the first but probably not the last book I ll be reading about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 500 km route across northernSpain to the Cathedral of Saint James near the Atlantic Coast Friends of ours are trying to persuade us to join them on this long walk with them next spring, and reading books about other people s experiences on the trail is one way of helping me decide whether I m up for the experience This particular book suffers from the usual problems associated with its being self published It is poorly written, very poorly edited, and the author doesn t really have much to say It s neither a day to day account of his actual experiences and the people he meets, nor an insightful rumination on what physical, psychological, social, or spiritual effects walking 15 km or a day for a month or has on a person The author comes across as a pretty shallow middle aged man primarily hoping to at...

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    Another Big Walker And at the same time July 23rd 2010 was my 70th birthday On that day I terminated my own long distance walk, 70 days, almost 2,000 kilometres, at the house of my birth in Northern England, having walked, most of the way alone, from my home in the South of France.On that same day, unknown to me of course, Bill Walker arrived at Santiago de Compostela, having walked for 5 weeks along the famous Camino He did not enter the city until the following day, the holy day for this city in a holy year.As soon as I knew of Bill s book I just had to read it and compare his experiences with mine, as well, of course, as comparing my book with his.There were huge differences in the two walks I walked mainly alone, at the age of 70 Bill walked in company with an apparently endless stream of people, for about half of my distance His hike obviously had religious overtones and consequent musings Much of his writing is about other pilgrims while my own is about people I met on the walk or musings and memories from my life.An amusing difference for me is that, although, because my project was called Vic ...

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    Now I want to hike the El Camino I enjoyed the history of Spain that was included in the book as well.

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    I find it funny that Bill Walker has both Hape Kerkeling and Jack Hitt in his suggested reading list as he channeled both in this book.There was a certain charm in the dynamic between Bill and his nephew, Gavin It was a great part of the book, and while it is a ...

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    Good but not as engaging as his other two books Bill Walker tells an interesting tale of his journeys on the Camino Many of the episodes are humorous and there is quite a cast of odd characters My criticism is that Bill regularly...

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    Skywalker on the el CaminoVery well written and honest account of walking the el Camino from France to Santiago in Spain I especially enjoyed the history the author included Also, I was happy that the author included a spiritual vein.

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    A good read and some interesting history, just wasn t as entertaining as a few of his others

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    This is the second book I read by Bill Walker and I enjoyed it even than the first I read his book about hiking the Applachian Trail and afterwards wanted to go on a hike no small feat if you ask my friends But I enjoyed this book immensely because of the different cultures that Bill and his nephew experienced on the trail His descript...

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    An enjoyable but not deep book about the author s hike of the 500 mile El Camino de Santiago in France and Spain Most of the focus is on capsule stories about the fellow pilgrims, usually encountered in 1 to 3 day stretches, and trends gossipy than I care for Enjoyable for the author s personality and his r...

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