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Be Fruitful From An Internationally Recognized Integrative Physician, A Thorough Guide To Fertility That Encompasses All Aspects Of Female Well Being To Help Women Prepare Their Bodies For Easy Conception, Pregnancy, And The Delivery Of Healthy Babies.The Increase In Environmental Toxins, Processed Foods, And Stress, As Well As The Advancing Ages At Which Couples Seek To Have Children, Have Made It Difficult For Women To Conceive In Be Fruitful, Dr Victoria Maizes, An Expert On Women S Health And The Executive Director Of The Arizona Center For Integrative Medicine, Delivers All The Information Women And Their Partners Need In Order To Conceive With Ease And Confidence, And To Bear Healthy Children.Warm, Friendly, And Hands On, Be Fruitful Offers A Comprehensive Self Assessment To Help Identify Any Potential Physical, Emotional, And Practical Roadblocks That May Interfere With Conception, As Well As Clear And Easy To Follow Dietary, Supplemental, And Exercise Recommendations Proven To Increase Optimal Fertility Dr Maizes Details How Nutrition, Mind Body Practices, Elimination Of Environmental Toxins, And Traditional Chinese Medicine Can All Contribute To A Successful Pregnancy.Unique In Its Integrative Approach, Be Fruitful Acknowledges That Wellness Comes From Caring For The Entire Person Not Just The Physical Body A Crucial Factor For The Countless Women Trying To Conceive And Committed To Transforming Their Overall Health.

➿ Be Fruitful  Free ➶ Author Victoria Maizes – Pccare247.us
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Be Fruitful
  • Victoria Maizes
  • English
  • 15 April 2018
  • 9781451645460

    10 thoughts on “➿ Be Fruitful Free ➶ Author Victoria Maizes – Pccare247.us

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    Another in my long list of fertility research I swear, I m going to get my PhD in Making Babies ha Another title of a book I ve read I spotted this one on the New shelf at the library, so I grabbed it A really great, general overview of just about everything else I ve already read she references tooons of studies from the Fertility Diet, Alice Domar who I really love, but hate the titles on her books , etc I used to embarrassed about having these books on GoodReads, but you know It s actually coming in handy as friends are asking me where to start and what books are helpful vs terrifying Actually, this kind of reframe is the best thing I took from this book I just read one sentence towards the end there s a chapter on Spirituality that struck me It helped me reframe this entire thing as a rite of passage , instead of a struggle And it s true I ve changed my l...

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    This book had a lot of great information, and certainly a lot of things I hadn t considered implementing I recommend this to anyone trying to conceive.

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    If you know me at all, you know that I m a planner And while sometimes this is too my detriment there is such thing as overplanning, y all , I figure when it comes to matters of health, planning is definitely a good thing I think in long term most of the time so while I m not necessarily ready to have a child in the near future, I figure it s never too early to start thinking about things I appreciated that this book spoke about both traditional medical approaches as well as natural approaches This definitely appealed to me.The book was easy to follow along and was fairly well organized I was especially interested in some of the natural medicine sections as these are much less familiar to me This book definitely broadened my perspective a little bit Maizes gives a lot of different examples of various women and their course of treatment...

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    I picked up this book because I had a chance to meet Dr Maizes and she s lovely very knowledgeable and warm So it was a pleasure to hear her tone in the pages and I liked the organization and writing style Various subjects from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Nutrition to Spirituality are arranged into their own chapters, allowing the reader to read straight through or skip to areas of particular interest While I don t think I will be following anything here as a step by step guide, I did learn quite a bit whole milk for max fertility and really appreciated the wider perspective than a traditional medical work might provide There was a lot of discussion in the Spirituality, TCM and even Ayurveda sections about mindfulness and preparing the mind and emotions for pregnancy I am not sure I m going to be starting a daily meditation practice, but the idea of making a calm, prepared mental space to allow your body to function at its best really resonated with me I wish there w...

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    For anyone trying to conceive, this is the first book I would recommend The author has reviewed the research and I appreciate her efforts to present the facts but keep an open mind as to the pros and cons of allopathic methods and other less ma...

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    Thinking about ttc in the near future, and thought I would arm myself with some knowledge on fertility Really enjoyed how this book focused on holistic and dietary research, meaning that I can follow best practices from day one and hopefully avoid some strife...

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    Victoria Maizes is a smart, compassionate doctor and that shines through in this useful book on finding a balance between natural and biomedical ways to preserve and enhance fertility The cover leaves something to be desired but inside you will find some great pearls.

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    Excellent book I would recommend this to anyone who is family planning, newly pregnant, or struggling to conceive It is great for both males females I thought I knew it all until I read Be Fruitful A must read.

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    skimmed not much in here that was new info after reading WomanCode and various other books, but would be good as a starting place for someone who hasn t done a lot of previous reading on the subject.

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    Appreciated the holistic approach of this book Good starting point for couples struggling with fertility I was hoping for information for someone like myself though women looking to protect their fertility until they are able to start trying.

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