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Rastros de Desejo Contrato De Casamento Bilion Rio Rebelde E Esposa De Fachada Brittany Lloyd Precisava Chegar Ao Acordo Mais Importante E Dif Cil De Sua Vida Com Nick Mancini, O Homem Que Partiu Seu Cora O Ela Nem Sabia Que O Antigo Bad Boy Havia Se Tornado Multimilion Rio Nick, Por Sua Vez, Tamb M N O Conseguia Acreditar No Que Via A Ruiva Selvagem De Outros Tempos Se Transformara Numa Executiva De Terninho E Pasta De Grife Agora, Brittany Precisa De Sua Ajuda Como Nick A Deseja, Ele Naturalmente A Pede Em Casamento Somente A Neg Cios, Claro Mas Nick Est Preparando Uma Lua De Mel Inesquec Vel Pois N O H Nenhum Outro Compromisso Em Sua Agenda A N O Ser Uma Noite De Prazer

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    This was an enjoyable book about two people who had fallen in love as teens, but had gone their separate ways because of outside influences However, ten years apart didn t break their bond When Brittany comes back to the small town in Australia where she and Nick grew up, it s strictly for business But she finds her feelings for Nick had only been suppressed, not vanished She doesn t want to be emotionally susceptible to the man who broke her heart She s worked hard in the past ten years to build a reputation and to climb the advertising ladder A business relationship with her first love could help her significantly She needs him to agree to allowing her to use his sugar cane farm to pitch as an advertising campaign so she can get her raise He won t do it unless she agrees to marry him, for business When she finds out that she owes a debt to her abusive father, she agrees However, the hard part is keeping those feelings at bay.Although I m not a big fan of the reunited lovers theme, Ms Marsh handles it well Also, I love seeing heroines who are successful in their careers, and financially independent, on equal to the heroes Ms Marsh did a great job of showing me who Nick was, revealing his emotional vulnerabilities in a way that I wish was done often in the Harlequin Presents books Instead of Brittany being the only one who seemed emotionally at risk, it was clear that Nick had a lot at stake on that level as well I liked that Nick and Brittany...

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    Awesome Wonderful emotional story of two people Nick Brit who have known each other from childhood,then fell in love but Nick rejects her says there is no us which shatters Brit,she leaves town and starts her journey to become strong and financial independent and to become something, now its been 10 years,Brit is back again for her own reason and Nick he is a changed man and he regrets letting Brit go and now that he has this second chance he puts this deal in front of Brit Marry me Both keep saying it business but as time passes by both are falling deep in love with each that is when Brit s father reveals the reason why Nick rejected Brit 10 years back which hurts Brit and she confronts Nick about it,they talk but Brit leaves but this time Nick is not gonna let Brit go easily so he follows and tries telling Brit in many ways he loves her and their marriage is real not a business deal,after so many hurdles and misunderstanding they have their HEAI really enjoyed this book,the small moments of Nick Brit s childhood who Nick uses to play pranks on Brit how he teased her and Brit also gave it back.I really liked we get to know both Nick Brit s emotional fears and insecurities,liked the fact they did nt immediat...

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    I really enjoyed this, it had such a modern feel.The hero and heroine meet after ten years, they had been friends and lovers years before, she from a rich family, he the rebellious bad boy She wanted to get away and asked him to come with her but she didn t, the reason both of them were too young and weren t perfectly honest about how things were at home, Britta had a bad family life while Nick was insecure about his social standing and then there was Britta s father.The only reason she returns is for a business deal and she needs Nick s help but Nick has changed and become business minded and Britta can help him make people take him seriously, so a marriage of...

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    i have read this book and could not put it soen got it done in less 2 day wow great gtory ty for writtng it

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    enjoyable read.

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    Sweet Romantic Read d The book is written from both the H and h POV, so you really get insight to how they re feeling They were in love with each other all along, but due to youth, insecurities, and a secret or two it, it took them t...

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    this book is really romantic and touching.its about two people who have known each other since childhood

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    This novel was just a simmer It didn t get to boil or even rapid boil It just stayed a fine course all the way through It isn t a book I d personally read again but c est la vie.

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    it was ok but i couldn t care for the H and h

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