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The Black New Yorkers The Schomburg Center Presents New Yorkjust Like Ah Pictured Itskyscrapers And Everythang, Marveled Stevie Wonder In His Song Living For The City The Great Migration Was A 30 Year Long Mass Migration From The Predominantly Rural, Segregated South To The West And To The Industrial North That Black Tide Swelled Urban Populations To The Hundreds Of Thousands, Bringing Down Home Living Up North And So Began Another Chapter In The Saga Of The Black New Yorkers The Black New Yorkers, Compiled And Edited By The Staff Of The Schomburg Center, Is The Posthumous Culmination Of Work Begun 30 Years Ago By Librarian Activist Regina M Andrews The Book Is Dedicated To Her Vision And Commitment To Telling The World About The Unique And Extraordinary Role Of Black New Yorkers In The Making Of America S Greatest City What Follows Is A Rich Historical And Pictorial Chronicle Of African American Advances, Struggles, And Successes The Text Is Arranged Chronologically, Beginning With Blacks In Colonial New York 1613 1783 And Ending With Mobilizing Black Power For The New Millennium 1965 1999 Each Chapter Opens With An Informative Essay That Places The Instructive Historical Timelines Within A Social Context The Introduction Raises Interesting And Wholly Debatable Questions, Especially Around The Issue Of Diverse Influences, And The Editors Tread On Some Tender Ground There Is No Doubt, For Instance, That The Latino Language Has Been Anglicized By American Acculturation Hence Spanglish , But To Claim That Afro Latinos Have Added A Black Flavor To The Spanish They Speak May Be A Bit Of A Cultural Stretch To The English Latinos Speak, Yes However, Blackspeak Has Yet To Find Its Way Into The Spanish Colloquial Vocabulary In New York, Cultural Pride Is Still A Touchy Subject Friendly Debate Notwithstanding, The Black New Yorkers Is A Well Documented, Pride Swelling Testimony To The Creative, Resilient, And Irrepressible Spirit Of African New York The Closing Section Of Brief, Well Written Bibliographies The New York Black 100 Is A Who S Who Of Path Breakers, Pundits, And Cultural Prophets Who Have Spoken For Black America The Schomburg Continues To Meet Its Mission Max Rodriguez

[[ PDF ]] ✍ The Black New Yorkers  Author Regina Andrews – Pccare247.us
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • The Black New Yorkers
  • Regina Andrews
  • English
  • 24 January 2019
  • 0471297143

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