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A Pictures Worth The Moment Joe Decides To Talk Up A Photographer In The Park, His Life Is Changed Forever In Less Than A Minute, Mason Ripley Ties Him Up Into Knots And Leaves Him Shaking With Anger And Lust No Man Is Worth That Kind Of Aggravation, And Joe Knows Damn Well He Should Keep His Distance.But It S Already Too Late In One Minute, Joe Discovers That He S Only Whole When Those Brown Eyes Are On Him The Anger Is Worth It The Confusion Is Worth It Even The Humiliation Is Worth It.Having His Picture Taken By Mason Is Worth Anything This Story Is COMPLETEApprox Word Count 9,972

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    This little story is a wonderful online read I actually found it online a good year or so ago, and thought it was fabulous The author definitely has a lot of talent The characters were wonderful, the romance was sweet, and the sex was hot Can you really ask for much from this genre

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