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The Five Wonders of the Danube On Five Bridges Over The Danube, Five Strange And Remarkable Tales Are Told Tales Of The Sacrifices That Are Made For Art For The Painter, The Sculptor, The Writer And The Composer, Creation Is Inextricably Entwined With Violence, Suffering And The Darkest Reaches Of The Psyche, And The Bridge To Enlightenment Is The Hardest Of All To Cross Yet Through The Innocence Of A Dog All Can Be Redeemed, In The Miraculous Climax Of This Complex And Exotic Fable.Simultaneously Published In Serbian, German, Slovakian, Hungarian And English As A Deluxe Boxed Five Volume Set.

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    Celebrate A novel to take your breath away Similar to a number of Zoran ivkovi s shorter fictions, The Five Wonders of the Danube is a mosaic, that is, a series of seemingly freestanding stories brought together into a cohesive whole in the final chapter.And what a novel A fabulist s sensibility combined with simplicity, clarity and charm, a work of impossible magic that lives at the midpoint between Italo Calvino and Roald Dahl There s good reason why a reader will encounter a sense of wonder many times over.To share glimpses of Zoran ivkovi s wizardry in action, I ll shift to the five tales themselves First Wonder Black Bridge, Regensburg Early one rainy Sunday morning, the guard assigned to the bridge spots a large painting mysteriously fastened to the bridge itself Soon thereafter, a string of higher ups come on the scene A series of questions are posed Who put such a painting up on the bridge And how and why was such a feat accomplished This striking tale opens up many philosophical issues centered around the nature of art, as ...

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    Reading Zoran ivkovi is like reading the experience of a surrealist painting At first it feels familiar, but everyday objects and experiences take on an almost mystical quality with his brilliant writing I ve never read an author who so carefully draws the connections and patterns and symbols together from one short story to th...

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    Well, I did not really like this Maybe it was the high expectations combined with the short story format I ve only heard good things about Zoran ivkovi , and I really enjoyed the first story, so I sort of thought it d only get better from there it didn t for me The first one was a lot of fun, mysterious and interesting with enjoyable characters, but I found the second one pointless and confusing and it bothered me a bit because I really can t imagine any woman and a NUN, but even if she wasn t would enjoy a strange man putting a hand on her knee in a cinema Though I should be fair and say that that story had the greatest twisted dream like quality of all of them, so perhaps that can serve as the explanation The third one was okay, the fourth one interesting but I was annoyed by the protagonist, and the fifth one I didn t particularly enjoy because I found it too weird not a b...

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