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The Alban War The Year Auctumnust 498 99 Was One Of Horrific Strife And Evil Destiny For The Aconian Empire It Was The Year Of Epochal, Disastrous Decision And Madness In Which The Farthest March Of A Vital, Militant And Excellent Leadership Committed The State Beyond Its Capacity To Recover Not Only Was The Advance Of Empire Halted After 133 Years Of Organization, Conquest And Expansion But Also Subsequent Years Of Decline, Desperate Fighting, Sundered Alliances And Collapse Were Set By The Events Of A Terrible Single Year It Was A Year In Which The Reasoned And Pragmatic Gamble Of War To Dominate The Central Middle Sea And Its Continental Alban Power As A Prelude To World Conquest Failed Never Did Infernal Deception So Order The Destiny Of Empire And Ruin The Best Of Plans Made By Superior Men, Possessed Of Superior Weapons, Strength And Experience.

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